Exclusive Singer22 Interview with Designer and Artist Lauren Moshi

5:55 PM

Singer22 had the pleasure of getting to speak with the talented and lovely Lauren Moshi on work, life and inspiration…a true artist and designer is what this woman really is!


Singer22: When did you first become inspired to make your own line?

LM: Ever since I was able to hold a pen, I became obesessed with drawing.  Art for me is life and I love art as much as I love clothing.  I wanted to combine the two and bring art into everyday life through fashion so I teamed up with the perfect partner, my brother Michael.  In 2006, we created a canvas for my art through our shared appreciation for quality fashion.

Singer22: What is it like to work with your sibling?

LM: Lots and lots of therapy!  I couldnt' imagine it being any other way though.  

Singer22:  What inspires your drawing style and the bold prints in your collection?

LM:  My roller coaster of emotions and moods.

Singer22:  What designers inspire you?

LM: Karl Largerfeld, Alexander McQueen. I'm also deeply inspired by artists.

Singer22:  How does it feel to see the hottest celebrities wearing your designs?

LM:  They're the perfect canvas to display our art! We love it!

Singer22:  How do you react to the success of your line?

LM:  Being the crazy people we are, nothing is ever enough so we keep striving to be better each day.

Singer22:  How did you have the idea to translate your artwork into fashion?

LM:  They are my two greatest passions.  Every day is a dream come true.

Singer22:  At what point did you decide you had “made it” in the fashion world?

LM:  When everyone started imitating us


Singer22:  Your designs are very recognizable, will you stick to the styles that made you famous, or are you interested in branching out in differnent directions?

LM:  We will always be an art based company and just as art and fashion is constantly evolving and changing so are we.  Laruen Moshi has expanded from our signature basic tank to a vast ready to wear collection that includes Lauren Moshi Vintage, Lauren Moshi Accessories and Lauren Moshi Art.  A blank canvas in which people can create their own art using their personal style. 

Singer 22:  We look forward to your new designs each season, how do you keep your styles fresh and relevant?  And can you offer us any insight into your next collection?

LM:  New art, on trend silhouettes and fresh color ways.

Singer22:  Lauren, please describe your personal style…

LM:  Effortlessly chic with a touch of bohemian rocker edge.  My personal style is conveyed through all of our lookbooks as I style them.

Singer22:  What signature items do you think every person should have in their wardrobe?

LM:  Everything from a Lauren Moshi top to Lululemon leggings to the most fashion accessories – a pair of Louboutin shoes and Chanel accessories.

Singer22:  What are the three most important things (ideas, motifs, etc.) you always try to convey with your collections?

LM:  Detail, quality and exclusivity.

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