Fall In Love For Love And Lemons

7:32 PM

If I were to create a line it would honestly be very similar to For Love and Lemons. I love how they used bells in a lot of their pieces. Bell bottoms, bell sleeved dresses, it's my favorite trend right now. I also loved how they took the really sexy ice skater dress they sold for winter and created a lighter more sweet/feminine version of it. They had the variety of super sexy mini dresses, open backs, lace, and then the more feminine sweeter side of them. Normally, I am not a bra person (A-Cup), but when I saw the bras they made, I couldn't help but imagine how sexy they would be under a sheer blouse (like the new Naven ones). I think a lace bra is such a great piece to have in your closet because it really spices up a look, if you do it tastefully. For example, a pair of the Citizen Bell bottoms, with one of the sheer Naven tops, and the For Love and Lemons bra. Now I just need to decide, which item I am going to purchase first.

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