Fall in Love with MINKPINK

8:11 PM

A comfy chair, your favorite coffee mug, an old picture of great friends, mom's lasagna. These are all things that bring us comfort and make us happy. Bring that same comfort (and style) into your wardrobe with the newest pieces from MINKPINK.

Even if the temps are sky high where you live the over-sized sweaters and flowing ponchos from MINKPINK will pair perfectly with your Summer style. Throw the MINKPINK Pompous Jumper Sweater into your beach bag to wear when a day at the beach turns into a chilly evening on the sand. Another option for the MINKPINK Pompous Jumper Sweater is to pair it with a bandeau top and cute cutoff shorts. A Bandeau is my favorite addition to a Summer outfit because they add just the right amount of understated sexy.

Add a bit of spice and sass to your wardrobe with the MINKPINK I Bolivia Poncho or the MINKPINK Wilderness Jumper Sweater. Both of these add flair to your ensemble that a standard tee might not deliver. Wear either piece with colorful shorts or skinny jeans for a fun and funky look this Summer.

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