Fashion Meets Baked by Melissa Cupcakes

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Baked by MelissaBaked by Melissa. Three words that can grab my attention in less than a second. I'm a huge cupcake lover and what can be better than mini cupcakes with wacky, but oh-so-yummy flavors? If you have never experienced the euphoria of Baked by Melissa, then you need to re-evaluate every decision you've made about cupcakes…and life (just kidding, kind of).

Aside from cupcakes (and every other morsel of food) I love shopping, I mean, what girl doesn't? Let's be serious. So I decided to combine my love for cupcakes, sometimes referred to as cuppycakes, with fashion because what can be better than outfits that remind me of one of my favorite foods?

Emerson ThorpeIt might not be one of the craziest flavors, but cinnamon is definitely a classic. The cinnamon flavor isn't overwhelming and it's just straight up delicious. The second I saw this outfit I was reminded of the simplicity of cinnamon.

Every girl needs to own a pair of these Emerson Thorpe silk pants. Currently on pre-order in a variety of colors, so they'll match virtually anything you already own, and if they don't, well, there's your excuse to buy more clothes!

Civil Clothing Anything tie-dye is amazing and that's that. Don't argue with me. This cuppycake is pretty much plain vanilla cake and icing but with twists of color that automatically bring it to the next level. I feel bad eating it because it's so fun looking, but then I get over it.

Civil Clothing makes a really bright and comfortable pair of leggings that are great for lounging around or running errands. Just throw on a white tee and you're good to go. It's not every day you can rock a pair of tie-dye leggings so when you do, embrace the color and have fun!

ShortsHow can anyone not love cookies & cream?! Chocolate cake and vanilla icing is one of my favorite combos, so adding a cookie on top of that just makes it even better. I'll take about 10 more, thanks.

The great thing about these Parker shorts is that they can be dressed a bit more casual or fancy depending on the occasion. Available in both black and white (like a cookie, yum!), these lovely little shorts won't disappoint.

Baked by Melissa Red velvet, in my opinion, is a tricky cupcake. If it's not baked properly it just tastes horrible. Most people also tend to think red velvet doesn't necessarily have a true flavor and it's kind of just “there.” Well, even though this cupcake is the size of a quarter, trust me, there's flavor.

Coated denim has been extremely popular throughout the past year and I don't see it going anywhere too soon. Citizens of Humanity make the ultimate pair in a range of colors. With coated denim, you get a more rocker-chic vibe as opposed to your go-to blue jeans. Break out these babies when you want to turn some heads.

To check out all the other delicious and unique flavors of Baked by Melissa click here!

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