Fashionable and Funktional

5:51 AM

The Funktional Predator Coat (in animal) will be the one thing you will want to invest in this winter. Not only does this coat keep you warm and feel comfortable with the 100% silk lining, but hello? Have you seen how amazing it looks on?

Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale are already ahead of the fashion game with their own Funktional Predator Coat! Let's face it, when it comes to fashion, these ladies know a thing or seven! Both lovely ladies show you how to rock the coat not only at night, but in daytime as well!

This coat is perfect for a daytime stroll anywhere you heart desires! Add a beanie and some dope boots with black tights, and you've got yourself taken care of. To wear the look at night, Kourtney switches up her look with different patterned shoes (black and leopard print- can't have too much leopard print!), but always keeps it covered up with black tights or leggings.

Now Ashley switches her look up with her Funktional Coat by going bare legged and saucy with a short creme dress and shoes to match. Ashley mixes a bit of rock/rebel into her look by accessorizing with multiple chain necklaces, but also stays classy with her quilted bag.

This fabulous coat mixes every element of style you can dream up! Make sure YOU own the most coveted jacket before anyone else. Pre-order your very own Funktional Predator Coat from Singer22 NOW before it's too late! Me-ow.

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