Feel The Love Generation

12:00 PM

So what if your boyfriend thinks February 14th is just another commercialized holiday? I say commercialized holiday means license to shop. Check out these chic new pieces from Generation Love. A collection of neutrals has me hooked, I love monochromatic palettes this Spring. Pair a tee like the Ruched Dolman in Ceramic (above far right) with colorful accessories in Coral. The Amanda Draped Sweater/Blazer in Bleach (above middle) is an easy addition to your blazer collection and as a serial blazer lover I'm already pairing it with cute spring dresses in my wardrobe.

Generation Love proves they know how to take it up notch without using color or revealing cuts. Enter the Bobo Jumbo Rib Crew Neck Top, love it's simplicity – and the fact that it's light as a feather. Apparently it's totally possibly to be so in love yet shamelessly single…Clothes are JUST as fulfilling as a man on V-day.

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