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There are designers, and there are artists, and then there is Fiona Paxton– a hybrid of both worlds. Paxton has recently set the jewelry and design world on fire with her intricate beaded, mosaic print necklaces. Plastered in every glossy, is a picture of another celebrity in one of Paxton's creations draped around their neck. Fiona is not an overnight sensation, and has honed her craft since graduating from London's Royal College of Art in 1992. Since, she has mastered an impressive resume working in textile design for Chloe, Armani and Moschino. While most recently working as an Art Director for a Textile Studio, she became more interested in the artisan techniques of Indian craftsmen. Using this as her inspiration, she developed, what is today, a jewelry collection of statement necklaces reminiscent of 1920's glamour. Fiona creates her work by hand, tightly weaving patterns of different beads, with gold and silver chains that result in fluid necklaces that drape flat to the body.

The list of celebrity fans keep growing- Isla Fischer and Hillary Duff have both been spotted in the Sylvie necklace. Isla wears hers in silver accessorizing a blazer, while Hillary's in oxidized silver acts as the focal piece to a plain white tank. Drew Barrymore takes a totally different approach and rocks out the black and silver Coco necklace. Since being featured in the NY Times, if Fiona Paxton was once considered a hidden gem amongst Hollywood, the secret is now out. Pre-order ASAP, because as fast as she makes them is as fast as we sell them!

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