Fringe Benefits at Singer22

6:25 PM

There are those fashion trends that are constantly reinventing themselves and never seem to go out of style. Think of “fringe” as the Madonna of fashion. The Native American Indians were first on the scene, not so sure they thought of their suede fringe jackets and feather head dresses as trend setting- little did they know that they were paving the way for Vanessa, Lindsay, and Nicole. The roaring 20's brought back fringe, this time though fringe was silky and a part of the flapper movement. And what would the 1960's counterculture Hippie movement be without tye die tees, bell-bottom jeans, and fringe vests? Fast-forward Spring 2009, fringe is back in all shapes, sizes and genres and an absolute must have of the season.

From top to bottom fringe is everywhere- Both Vanessa and LC look cas and cool in Kettle Black's suede fringe boots. Lindsay also opts for fringe on her feet in Madison Harding's fringe thongs, sharing ice cream with her then love, in denim cut offs. Fringed feet aint your bag, then why not a fringe bag? JJ Winters suede fringe bag has been seen on the arms of Vanessa (a fringeaholic) and Haley Duff. Linea Pelle's Janis fringe bags are aptly titled. And both Kettle Black and Linea make fab fringe clutches, if you're looking for hand-held fringe. Leyendecker's Spring collection is all about the fringe, from a tank with a sprinkle, fringe scarf and skirt, to the Grand Pooba, the Strapless Fringe dress. Pencey also got on the fringe bandwagon with the Popular Dress and The Cold Explosion Fringe dress.

Fringe is at its best when paired with suede -they go together like Sonny and Cher, peanut butter and jelly, and Zac and Miri. Torn reinvents the suede fringe vest once again- paired with CE cutoffs, the hippie chick uniform for the New Millennium. Gryphon also takes a different approach on the classic suede fringe jacket, with a sexy shape and fringes skimming the body, this jacket is the ultimate statement in fringe dressing.

Whatever from of fringe you are into, just be sure to get your fringe benefits at Singer 22!

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