Full Bloom With Blu Moon Clothing at Singer22.com!

10:21 PM

blu-moon-clothing-bI see a Blu Moon rising – and this one's in the form of sweet summer tops at Singer22.com! Feather weight pieces are a breeze and the cuts are retro, I'm loving this collection! These delicate florals are perfect for barbeques, beach parties, and any other weekend adventures you're getting into this summer. I'd pair the flowy Blue Moon Under the Sun Top (shown above) with a Pleasure Doing Business bandage skirt for a cute solution to your case of “nothing to wear”. The Blue Moon Cape Cool Tee (also pictured, far right) is also versatile for a weekend getaway. It's worn above with cut-offs and sneakers but it would be just as chic as a cover-up over you're bikini!

This is just a taste of the Blu Moon collection so you'll have to click over to Blu Moon at Singer22.com to check out the full line up!

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