Give Props to PRPS

2:29 PM


Prps is not your ordinary pair of jeans- think of Prps as the Rolls Royce of denim. Created by Donwan Harrell, the collection was derived with an eye towards form, function and durability, believing in a “product with a purpose.” With Southern roots and a decade of world travel, Harrell's Prps denim is a classic, nostalgic vision of American life with a hint of the worldly wayfarer. Impressed by the Japanese craftsmanship, all Prps denim is woven in small batches on vintage looms by a small community of artisans. Prps comes across as your favorite worn-in, well-done jeans, without the years of blood and sweat and tears to get the same look. It is also the preferred choice amongst the Hollywood A-List.


Posh was probably the first to be seen wearing Prps- she shocked the press strolling with her family in what everyone thought was Beck’s old trousers. She clearly then turned her BF, Katie on- Katie loves the dart skinny jeans, sporting both the vintage and lit wash. And you don’t have to be besties with Katie and Vicki to wear Prps. Halle Berry could wear a paper bag and still look totally babelicious, but instead opts to wear gold gladiators with her Rusty River Boyfriends. Mrs. Cruise decided to get a leg up on summertime dressing, pairing the Cuffed Shorts with a plaid button down, killer bag and shoes. And with summer practically minutes away, Prps Cut Offs in Splatter Pop are definitely way “too cool for school.”


What would a pair of Prps be without the coolest leather jacket on the planet? Katie Holmes does it once again, wearing the cropped black leather biker jacket. Talk about “tough love” – the “toughest” leather jacket we are so in “love” with! Vanessa Hudgens also rocks out a Brown Prps leather with another Singer 22 fave, the Lauren Moshi Peace Girl tee.


Prps may be a bit heavy on the wallet so save your sheckles, because you know what they say- you get what you pay for- and if that’s the case Prps is worth every cent!

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