Glam and Shine like Paris Hilton @Singer22

10:46 AM

Now days it seems that everyone wants to have Paris Hilton's Style. She is beautiful, stunning and has an amazing fashion sense. At you can get plenty of Paris Hilton's looks. Everything from her sleek, sexy jeans to her shiny accessories. Get them all


I love her laid back, but still comfortable and sexy look. She matches an adorable Lauren Moshi Bulldog Tank with a sleek pair of cropped black jeans and stellar high heels for a quick trip to the grocery store. She added a little pizazz to her look by sporting an adorable designer hand bag and a pair of dark sunglasses.

irissinger_2058_443599789 has your favorite celeb styles and Celeb Fashion finds. And don't forget when you purchase over $500 at you will receive a Singer22 Beach Towel to tote with you to the beach this summer.

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