Guest Editor: Catalina Su Gets You Glowing with Gold

4:22 PM

This season we are adorned with glitz and glamour.   A little bit of sequins, little leather here and there, feathers and metallic.  Regardless of which look you are rocking you should make sure your face is the sexiest and prettiest it can look.  The best way to achieve a gorgeous face is a gorgeous glow. Use the body shops 'Glow Enhancer'.  You can mix it with your foundation, if you don't wear foundation use it alone.  Then contour and bronze your cheeks with the body shops 'Brush On Bronze', such a perfect color to add umph to the cheeks without unloading blush on it.  I also always use it on my chest and shoulders……..addicted to glowing.

Our objective: Sexy Glow; Eyes, Eyes, Eyes:

1. Wet a flash brush and apply Stila Oasis shadow from lash to crease.  Then, with a tapered fluff brush, blend a little of oasis in the crease to smooth out the crease.  After that, with whatever is left on the brush you can put on the brow bone.

2. Take a small, dense brush and grab bronze eye shadow from MAC and rim the entire eye.  Go around and around to achieve the floaty glowy look.

3. Take the golden bronzer from Glow Fusion and sweep it back and forth in your crease to create dimension without using too much color.

Lashes – A MUST!  Apply mascara first.  Measure the lasth to your eyes and cut accordingly.  Nothing is worse than lashes that are too long.

*Hint: Apply with tweezers.

Simply drop the lash in the middle, then press down the left side, then the right.  SLAM on mascara on your bottom lashes.

As seen above:

Halston Heritage – NightcapWinter KateMackageAlice+Olivia

Celebrity make-up artist, Catalina Su's work and fashion expertise can be found on her blog HERE.

Be sure to check back soon as we will have demonstration video's of Catalina Su showing you make-up tips and tricks.

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