Gypsy 05 Hoodies: A Super Chic Weekend Wardrobe Must Have!

8:00 AM

apgypsy.jpghpgypsy.jpg Everyone from you to young Hollywood loves comfy weekend loungewear! Gypsy 05 has the most stylish look for being comfortable and cute! Whether red or blue compliments you, you will be fashionable running your errands, grabbing lunch, or staying warm at the movies! Gotta love Gypsy 05, be adventurous in this hot hoody! Hayden and Audrina both adore their favorite sweater! Red generally flatters blonds while blue is a bold pop of color for brunettes! Layer away with this fabulous hoody to keep yourself warm on those crisp, cold spring days. Wear this as your top when you want a stylish way to dress casual. Get this amazing Gypsy 05 to add a little fun to your wardrobe! You’ll want to pull this out even when it’s not the weekend! Made with 100% cotton you’ll love this soft fabric against your skin! The Gypsy 05 Rose Hoody is made with a 90% organic process so you can help save the planet too! Both are made in Hollywood, California, USA!Be sexy and make a statement!!!

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