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Being stylish means retaining a certain air about yourself that, in lieu of words, clearly expresses things about your nature through carefully selected visual cues. Trends come and go but, regardless of their tendency to evaporate, they serve to enhance the self portrait we've been painting for years; the one we've lovingly labored over with every shopping spree, salon appointment, and make-up application.

One of these recent complimentary trends has helped balance the focus normally centered on our clothing by shifting attention to the face as well; the addition of hair accessories and hats. Pieces that frame your face and flatter your coloring are now fairly common components of styling routines which is fantastic for a number of reasons.

1. Sensitive scalps everywhere, rejoice! If for no other reason, wearing a head scarf or a panama hat will help prevent overexposure to harmful UV rays minimizing your chance of burning your scalp, damaging your hair, and getting skin cancer.

2. When it gets warm outside we tend to sweat more leading our hair to get greasy and dirty more quickly, not to mention the frustrated-sigh-inducing flattening factor. There are fashionable new accessories now which help to alleviate this unfortunate byproduct of my favorite season by concealing, or even trapping, some of the sweat and oil. Re: Traditional stretchy fabric headbands are no longer banished to the gym and bathroom.

Flower Children: Lucy Hale, Emmy Rossum, & AnnaSophia Robb

Flower Children: Lucy Hale, Emmy Rossum, & AnnaSophia Robb

3. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people look great in hats, headbands, head scarves, and flower crowns. Even the celebrities have decided this trend is here to stay for a while, which is somewhat ironic in that what was normally employed to facilitate incognito entrances & exits is now meant to grab attention and assert presence. Then again – if enough of us start sporting the look, maybe they'll blend in. That, or we'll be mistaken for someone famous and have to sign an autograph. Oh well!

Top It Off À La Reese Witherspoon, Emmy Rossum, or Katy Perry

Top It Off À La Reese Witherspoon, Emmy Rossum, or Katy Perry

Lucky for you, SINGER22 is all over this trend with an amazing selection of hats, floral headpieces, and more so you can take this fun fad for a spin!

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