Have a Happy Halloween Singer22 Style!

9:50 AM

Trick or Treat! We Want To Give You A Treat This Halloween Weekend Get $50 Off at www.Singer22.com! Use Code Boo50! Offer expires October 31st 11:59pm pst. $50 off orders over $300. Again Use code Boo50!!! Halloween is creeping up on us and Singer22.com has had the store decorated for this frightful occasion!  What have you been doing to prepare for this Sunday? Buying candy? Decorating the pad with pumpkins and scarecrows? If you haven't had time to find a costume for this weekend, no need to worry, head over to Singer22.com for all the essentials you will need for a fashionable Halloween! The added bonus is that  you can definitely wear these items once Halloween is over! How fun is that!? Spirit Hoods are fun and warm and cannot only be worn just for Halloween! You can choose from a variety of unisex animal hoods – from brown bears to black wolves, from leopards to pandas – Spirit Hoods has you covered… literally!  Celebrities Kesha, Fergie, and Annalynne McCord are all fans of this fun and Halloween-friendly accessory! Another option is to  go in all black perhaps in LnA's Elastic Strap Leggings in Black (one of Kim Kardashian's favorites) or in J Brand's Black Coated Agnes Jeans in Stealth (as seen on Rihanna).  Pairing it with a sweatshirt, tee, or hoody from Wildox Couture's Witchcraft line. Singer 22 has the Skeleton Slasher Tee, the Skeleton Oversized Hoody, the Are You Afraid of the Dark? Oversized Tee, and a It's Witchcraft Tee for those who want to pay a homage to Halloween. If you are huge Twilight fan (or just a fan of vampires and werewolves), try the Vampire Ripped Rock Tee and the My Boyfriend's a Werewolf Flash Dance Tee. Or you can always rock Sauce's Heart Eyes Long Sleeve Top as seen on Nicky Hilton in white off the shoulder, looks super cute and a definitely fun for this time of year! So, if you're having difficulties finding the perfect costume… we've got the CHIC selections that can also last more than just one event!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! XOXO

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