Hot on the Trail of Camilla Skovgaard at!

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If you're daily Starbucks isn't enough to get you out of bed anymore, that's ok because I guarantee these totally HOT styles from Camilla Skovgaard will! The contrast of feminine leather with almost saw-like treaded soles are fantastic and enough to give an otherwise plain outfit a big personality. Ms. Lohan has been spending enough time in the London Fog to know about this on-the-cusp designer and she wears the Camilla Skovgaard Sandal Bootie in Black (shown above).

Camilla Skovgaard has been known to collaborate with runway designers on their footwear collections so we're talking quality here. I want a piece of the action, and luckily knows what I'm talking about. They've got Camilla in Skovgaard in stock right now and with tread like these they're not staying in one place long!

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