Interview with Founders of Simply Stylist: LA Fashion Week

12:12 PM

Caroline and Sarah: Founders of Simply Stylist

Sarah Pollack and Caroline Rothwell started Simply Stylist in 2006 describing the event as an intimate, private event that connects celebrities, stylists, industry insiders, and media who love fashion… DSC_1088 Rothwell explains, “We started Simply Stylist to recognize the power of Los Angeles. Rather than seeking the approval of other markets, we decided to showcase the strength of fashion in Los Angeles, recognizing that stylists are setting world trends and giving them an opportunity to see and interact with fashion in an intimate way.” S22: Looking back to the first Simply Stylist Event how has it evolved over the years? C : Our first events were held out of our live work loft, more like a house party sort of…We knew a lot of people and people in both fashion and entertainment. They were all asking us questions and we saw the need for an event connecting new designers with Celebrity Stylists. We evolved in to hosting the event in actual venues, we're looking for a permanent location. S22: What is your number one goal in holding this event? S – Networking and building relationships! C – Making a successful brand, for everyone to know what Simply Stylist is…Networking fortifies the relationship. S22: How do you react to seeing Celebrities in pieces pulled from your  events? Both – (Laughing) It feels like we gave birth! We’re helping designers  succeed. S22: Confess, who is your style muse? C – Always Kate Moss! She makes it easy, not a lot of people can do that. S – Victoria Beckham, she always looks nice, Lady Gaga, Rachel Bilson always looks cute, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe. S22: What are your three coveted pieces this season? S – Big oversized sweaters. C – Oliver peoples glasses. S – Those lace up lumberjack boots! DSC_1087S22: Describe your closet in five words or less. C – Chaos. (Laughing) Vintage inspired. Chaos… S – Packed, colorful, I just got those huggable hangers! S22: What does personal style mean to you? C – Personal evolution, reflection of personality. S – My expression of the day!

DSC_1102b consensus: LOVE it.

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