J Brand “901” Denim Leggings in Stock at Singer22.com

1:25 PM
Our new obsession — J Brand Denim Leggings available at Singer22.com!

Our new obsession — J Brand 901 Denim Leggings available at Singer22.com!

Ladies… your new obsession has arrived!  Denim closet staple J Brand has a new line of Leggings. And by Leggings I mean a genius hybrid creation. Apparently J Brand masterminds Jeff & Susie know exactly what women want. Their new 901 Leggings look like your trusted J Brand skinnies, but feel like stretch leggings, so lets be honest – I don’t want to take them off.

Luckily they come in four different washes, so you can buy a few and shamelessly wear them every day of the week. My favorites are Olympia, J Brand’s answer to dark denim, and Pitch, (fittingly) black denim.

These J Brand 901 Leggings are already strutting their way around Tinseltown. Celebs and fashionistas alike know a strike of genius when they see it (and they buy them in every wash). Gwen Stefani, pictured above, completes her look with Olympia dark denim in the day time…Something tells me you’ll want to rock these ALL the time!

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