Kate Moss carries Genevieve Jones, from Singer22.com!

12:26 PM
Kate Moss with her Genevieve Jones "Kate" Fringe Bag

The Genevieve Jones Kate Fringe Bag: loving Kate, loving fringe, loving Singer22!

So you might be thinking, this looks awfully close to last fall’s sensational JJ Winters cross-body bag. Not only would you be right, but give yourself a pat on the back for being a well read fashionista with immaculate taste. Yet if you thought that time had run out for the stringy style with Navajo roots, then disregard your premonitions. Fringes aren’t out—they’ve just been reinvented by the Genevieve Jones Kate Fringe Bag, a reappearing act for many of Kate Moss’ recent public rendezvous.

The western inspiration of yesteryear (aka fall 2008) is infused with biker-beauty potential, updating this celebrity adored accessory with a wham of edgy glam. A durable leather exterior and roomy lined interior make this ultrachic handbag the trifecta tote of now: hot, handy, and have-to-have.

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