Kim Kardashian’s Vintage1 Skinnies are at Singer22!

1:01 PM
Kim Kardashian loves her Vintage1 Motorcycle Skinnies

Kim Kardashian loves her Vintage1 Motorcycle Skinnies

Touchdowns seem to come naturally to Kim Kardashian and her football playing beau, but when it comes to the Vintage1 Motorcycle Skinny Jean, the dashing reality star is in a league of her own. The light denim, called blue exhaust, is a day appropriate (but evening applicable) hue, dithering somewhere between its name and a softer shade of gray. The slightly faded detailing achieves that hint of edge we’re still pursuing, but without relying on the obvious shredding we saw not long ago. With hair tossed up or let lusciously down, with shades or without, and always, always, always with our highest of heels, Kim Kardashian’s Vintage1 Motorcycle Skinnies are the pair is picking right now to keep your motor running.

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