Kim Kardashian – Fashion Maven & Business Mogul a.k.a Super Woman!

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No matter what your reservations are in regards to Kim Kardashian, it cannot be denied that she is one savvy chick.  There is no doubt that she impresses us due largely to her impeccable sense of style and distinguishing taste for fashion! Combining her taste with her business wit, she has immersed herself into the world of endorsements because, well, everyone wants a piece of her and what her image has to offer.  Afterall, Kim isn’t just a fashionista – she’s a business mogul!

From cupcakes to skincare, jewelry to toilet paper.  Yes, I said toilet paper – Charmin to be exact! Kim made an appearance at the Times Square “5th Annual Charmin Restrooms Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” earlier this year.  I have no clue what that is, but I’m intrigued all the same!

Kim launched her own sweet cupcake line, called Va-Va-Va-Nilla and promoted her cupcake mix at Famous Cupcakes in Beverly Hills this year as well! But these ventures, like promoting 3-step skin care system, PerfectSkin, are just a few of the many endorsements that have nothing to do with fashion whatsoever; and yet Kim Kardashian succeeds at drawing attention to whatever she puts her name on and that attention brings big bucks!

More recently, Kim’s endeavors have included a signature watch collection, a signature scent for Sephora, a line for brand Bebe and now a line of jewelry for Bebe to boot!  Where she finds the energy to look so fabulous all the time, I have no clue! However, of her Winter style, Kim has noted that she’s been leaning toward black leather accents and gold toned jewelry.

So, whether emulating Ms. Kardashian’s style or merely incorporating it into your own fashion-forward wardrobe, Singer’s got you covered! Gold toned jewelry happens to be a specialty for brand House of Harlow 1960 and Singer's selection is stupendous! Coincidentally, Kim K. happens to be a HUGE fan of Nicole Richie's bohemian, cost-friendly line of accessories & no doubt you will be too! These unique, stylish pieces will have you garnering compliments left & right I promise because I speak from experience!

If gold jewelry just isn't your “thing” then you'll be sure to fall in love with all the lush leather and leather accented styles Singer22's stocked their closet with.  Kim Kardashian loves her leather and always sports it with her choice of boots, belts, jackets, skirts & more.  Check out Singer's  'Idaho Velvet/Leather jacket' from Veda! This jacket screams KIM K. style! I adore it, especially the 2-tone fabric on the lapels! To die for!! OR imagine yourself in this amazing leather cut-out dress by Alice + Olivia!

The moral of the story is Kim Kardashian is not only a fashion icon but a smart business woman who inspires ladies across the board! No matter how you want to incorporate Kim's style, you know Singer22 has what you need to get your star style on!

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