Kova & T Oxy Leggings: A Little Rockstar, A Lot Chic

7:26 AM

What made Joey Ramone sexy? Mick Jagger? Misha and Mary-Kate in recent paparazzi photos? Those tight pants. And tight leather pants aren't just for the sweaty and uncomfortable rebellious crowd at the CBGB of twenty years past. Somewhere between punk aesthetics and S&M, Kova & T's Oxy Leggings are a comfortable, animal friendly way to capture that incredible rock-and-roll vibe.

Made of latex, you can pair them with flats (like Ms. Barton), heels (like the trend-setter Kate Moss), or a classic pair of Chuck Taylors (a la Olsen). One thing is guaranteed, you'll look hot. (But not hot enough to suffer unfortunate sweats in unmentionable areas.)

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