Lauren Moshi @ Singer22

11:01 AM

Lauren Moshi=Fabulous! I love the styles by Lauren Moshi. Beautiful, yet stylish. Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Halle Barry, Ashley Tisdale and many other Celebs love Lauren Moshi. The prints on these tops are stunning. A real attention grabber! has an amazing selection of tops by Lauren Moshi to choose from. Match these with a sexy pair of skinny jeans or with a super cute pair of short, denim shorts. Whatever you pick, it will look amazing.


Each design on these tops is hand drawn by Lauren Moshi herself. The have amazing detail and give an amazing character to each shirt. When you wear these shirts, you are sure to attract the look of everyone passing by. Lauren Moshi pays special attention to detail and how the design fits your body. Absolutely love each and every design I have seen by Lauren Moshi.


If you adore the styles and selection by Lauren Moshi, check out to snag your very own Lauren Moshi top and dress just like your favorite Celeb.

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