Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel …

4:42 PM

Have I mentioned how much I am in LOVE with the new Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jeans?  The picture on our site right now does not do these jeans justice. Heck, no picture does.  You have to get them, put them on and FEEL what I'm talking about.  These jeans are the PERFECT 1970s wide leg.  I hope you are noticing my use of all caps.  Just to show you some of the intricate detail of the jean, I snagged a picture from my besties blog of her wearing them recently.  She's Catt Sadler's make-up artist, Catalina Su and she rocks these Citizens like it's her job.

See the stitching from the knee down and how it angles out? It makes you look taller and leaner.  The top of these jeans suck in any flaws and I adore the pockets.

They are high waisted but not too high waisted. Dark enough to wear out at night, but just right for the day as well.   Order these Citizens of Humanity jeans before they sell out – because they will – and you will be thanking me later.

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