Life of the Party with Mara Hoffman at!

11:16 AM

mara-hoffman-singer22-bOnce you go Mara Hoffman you never go back, and if you've already got one of these magic suits you know what I'm talking about! There's a reason noone can keep them in stock and if it's not the refreshing cuts, it must be the unique prints you're not finding anywhere else. It's time to stop dreading swimsuit season because there's nothing a little self tanner and a Mara Hoffman suit can't fix!

The Mara Hoffman Ruched Bottom Bikini in Brazillian Red is so exotic looking and the colors truly do flatter all skin tones. I've talked about ruched bottoms before but I have to bring them up again – that's how much I love them. They'll hate to see you go but love to watch you leave, if you know what I mean! These suits cut in all the right places, and if you're not bikini ready yet, check out the equally sexy Mara Hoffman Strappy One Piece in Black. It's like you're classic black suit but updated, black is anything but boring this summer. takes us on a wild ride and somehow manages to snag Mara Hoffman in batches, while other stores are sold out for good! They're literally here today, gone tomorrow, get your's now and get ready to be the life of the party all summer long!

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