LnA Lounge and Lace at Singer22

7:27 PM

LnA skyrocketed to success when Mary Kate Olsen debuted the White Deep V with a highwaisted skirt and huge cross necklace. The buzz began instantly, and since LnA is the tee shirt on everyone who's anyone's back. Lauren Alexander and April Leight, the creators of LnA, have fulfilled their goal of creating the new lifestyle tee shirt.

This season LnA has continued to give great basics, some with a twist and some straight up. Its not only jeans that are getting thrashed and trashed, LnA's Ripped Short Sleeve Crew has also gone under the knife as seen on Kate Moss. And lets not forget Leggings, they also fell prey to Mr. Scissorhands, hence the Olivia Thrashed leggings and Ripped Zipper leggings, both exclusive to Singer 22. For a little more control over what you choose to expose, LnA is all about zippers. From v-necks and tanks with zippers down the back, LnA also offers leggings that both Lindsay and Audrina love, in a rainbow of flavors. As for keeping things clean and simple, of course a bevy of choice. Ms Moss doesn’t only love her thrashed tee but shares the love with her sleeveless v-neck as well as new cult fave the side tail v-neck. Moss isn’t the only Kate who is a fan- both Bosworth and Holmes are also die-hards. Bosworth in the muscle tank at a Music Fest, and Holmes carrying Suri in the button up blouse.

As for the latest LnA must have obsessions, lots of lace, circa Madonna 1984. Wear the short sleeve lace tee on its own, or pair with the Zipper Fleece Cape, for a clash of the Spice Girls- Posh meets Sporty. Lace Zipper leggings also make a comeback and look super fly under jean shorts with combat boots, Or go totally fem and wear with the side tail long sleeve v-neck, flirty mini, and pumps.

LnA is more than a V Neck and definitely not your basic Hanes. Check out all they have to offer basic and not so basic. PS- HUGE BLOWOUT SALE only at www.singer22.com! 

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