Madison Marcus And Mystique Make A Magnificent Matching Outfit!

1:14 PM

madisonmarcus.jpgmystiquesandal.jpg Madison Marcus and Mystique will satisfy your temptations for spring trends! The marvelous pacific turquoise color is bold and bright. This thin triple layered top by Madison Marcus is flow-y and flattering. You will love the way the back flutters for a unique twist. Mystique sandals match this top making a magnificent outfit! Wear this one of a kind shirt with a crisp white cuffed short or a comfy long linen pant. This top alludes to a see through look with its transparent layers. Each layer is one shade brighter for an ombre-esk look. Once the three layers combine you will have a chic yet conservative top you will adore! Madison Marcus makes spring shopping so simple with its stylish designs. You will look fabulous in your matching Mystique sandals! The turquoise is a glamorous touch to these sexy shoes. Accessorize with gold earrings and a bangle for a fashionable feel. You will love the way this outfit makes you look magnificent! Madison Marcus, Mystique, and You make a uber trendy trio!

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