How do I wear thee? Let me count the ways!

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The Supremely Wearable ALICIA POCKET TANK by Joie

The Supremely Wearable ALICIA POCKET TANK by Joie

Finding longevity in your wardrobe means wearing a single piece multiple ways over the course of many seasons. We strive to achieve this goal in our daily routine of getting dressed for a variety of occasions because our closets aren't like our magical Pinterest fashion boards or Tumblr pages, constantly growing in volume of covet-worthy clothing. We have a limited number of garments and accessories to choose from so it is our job to assign each item more than one purpose. Take, for example, the standard Oxford shirt which many suggest every woman should have in her wardrobe. A simple button down can be a central component of any number of looks including preppy (blazer/jeans/ballet flats), menswear-inspired (boyfriend jeans/brogues/oversized watch), minimalist (crisp white jeans/t-strap flats/small metallic studs), classic Americana (upturned collar/flared jeans/braided leather belt), modern elegant (tucked in/floor-length skirt/heels), and the list goes on.

Juicy Juicy JOIE

Juicy Juicy JOIE

If you were a Gossip Girl fan perhaps you're familiar with the term “Dictator of Taste”. I tend to fancy the staff here as deserving of that moniker because they are observant, thoroughly trust their own eyes to tell them what looks good, and have a sixth sense about what you guys want to wear. One item that they've opted to stock our stores and website with is the Alicia Pocket Tank by Joie, and here's why:

Scenario 1 – WORK – Half tuck your Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Porcelain into a pair of chinos, top it with a streamlined jacket, and accessorize with a belt and pair of polished flats. Looking modern and professional, you're ready to take on the work week!

Scenario 2 – CLASS – Wear the Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Light Smoke over a simple pair of black skinny jeans with your favorite pair of slip-on sneakers and an easy heather grey hoodie – because it's college after all.

Scenario 3 – GIRLS NIGHT OUT – Pairing the Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Deep Lapis with fitted leather pants and modern black heels will have you ready to dance all night with your besties!

Scenario 4 – DATE NIGHT – Don the Alicia Pocket Tank Top in Mayan Red with perfect blue skinnies, a gorgeous stone necklace, and cute sandals for a romantic summer stroll.

I could go on but I don't want to keep you from shopping…

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