Meet our Friend SAM. 25% OFF CODE: STAYWARM25

9:15 AM

The leaves are falling girls and it's got us thinking- Baby it's cold outside! We're so in love with chic trenches for an evening out and's got you covered for your new everyday Jacket. Enter the amazing fur lined jackets from SAM you won't be able to stop talking about them!

They come in a few different colors and we're envisioning SAM all over Young Hollywood this season. In case the SAM Rover Jacket in Carbon isn't already amazing, the shell actually detaches and you can rock the inner Fur Vest!  Cozy Fur Vests are keeping celebs hot this year and why shouldn't you have one too?!  We're obsessed with pieces that can be worn more than one way and for good reason. The Rover Jacket is great for travelling and if you're a little more City then check out the SAM Highway Biker Jacket. Who needs a boyfriend this winter –'s got plenty of SAM to keep you warm!

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