Michael Lauren

1:03 PM

Yesterday, Barbara and I shot some really great new pieces, but the ones that truly caught my eyes were the Michael Lauren pieces. The perfect every day tops, and then the perfect beach dresses. If you recall that brand Petit Bateau, Michael Lauren kind of resembled that and I LIVED in that brand when I was younger. It was nice to see a more updated version of it. I was able to pair those tops with absolutely anything at SINGER22. The tops were great with all the Siwy shorts and would compliment a bell bottom like the Citizens of Humanity or the Textile Elizabeth and James pair. The dresses were the softest pieces that I probably would wear on the beach and in bed. They are that good, you could actually sleep in them. They also used the perfect colors for it. I love a garment that has a good striping. Michael Lauren really nails the perfect stripes that don't make you look wider than you actually are. Check it out HERE!

x Somethingnavy

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