Mike & Chris- Long Live the Hoodie!

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Mike & Chris- Long Live the Hoodie!


Your first “hoodie” goes down in the books with other memorable firsts-your first boyfriend, first cell phone, first kiss. The classic hooded sweatshirt is a necessity in any wardrobe, but for the fashion forward it can’t be just any “hoodie”- it must be Mike & Chris!  What started with a hoodie for the hipster set has grown into a must-have collection for all of young Hollywood.


From fleece sweatshirts, next on the radar for Mike & Chris was what else, but leather hoodies. The Dylan leather jacket hit the streets of both Hollywood and NYC with a vengeance. Kristin, Jessica and even Saint Angelina have all been seen donning their Dylan. Paris, on the other hand, dressed up the Jesse, pairing it with a long floral dress and yet again with a short ‘lil sexy number. Ashlee rocked hers in a matching outfit with hubby Pete Wentz. All hail the queen- the queen of fashion- Kate Moss loves her Singer 22 Exclusive Kian leather hoodie, and looks smoking hot in leather leggings and suede wedges. Speaking of exclusive, Keira Knightley lives in her Singer 22 Exclusive Maxwell jacket. Vanessa is also a fan and of course, wouldn’t be seen in anything less than exclusive, which is why she loves her indigo Edison.


There is more to Mike & Chris than just the hoodie. The husband and wife team keep expanding into other genres and whether it is leather, fleece, denim, or what have you, they are always on the pulse of fashion and stay true to their cool sub-culture roots. For Spring ’09, woven seems to be the theme, in both leather and denim. The Gibson denim jacket is on the top 10 of everyone’s spring shopping list. If leather is what you’re craving, the saddle tan Chapman is the ultimate go-to spring coat. With this season being all about the “Boyfriend Blazer,” Mike & Chris’ Sammy is definitely going to be the coolest “kid on the block.” Short shorts and ruffled plaid blouses round out the collection. So if you want to be on the top of your game this spring, need you look further than Mike & Chris?

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