Miley Cyrus Loves her Gypsy 05 @Singer22

5:44 AM

Gypsy 05 is a Celeb favorite in Hollywood these days. Miley Cyrus can be found wearing Gypsy 05 all the time. has a huge selection of Gypsy 05 to choose from so you can have the same style as Miley.  Miley Cyrus always has an adorable fashion style but still comfortable and functional. Sweatpants, tank tops, hoodies, you name it, has it.


I just love the Gypsy 05 Love Off the shoulder Sweatshirts. They have a unique style that can be wore with a sleek pair of skinny jeans or just with a pair of comfortable sweatpants. The over sized collar and the worn look is what makes this sweatshirt different from the other. The Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt comes in Red and Navy. The cuffs can be rolled or unrolled for the comfortable but stylish look. There is a huge hoodie pocket on the front of these sweatshirts to lug your cell phone or your wallet along with you. I can't get enough of these sweatshirts, and neither can the celebs.



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