Miss Kardashian Dazzles in Miss Ferriday, available at Singer22!

11:37 AM

Kim Kardashian takes the little black dress and adds a little black lace!

Just because Kim manages Dash in sunny L.A. doesn’t mean this fashion mogul won’t be browsing the boutiques (dare I say, even the competition?) for holiday ensembles generally associated with cooler temperatures. Thanksgiving is close to Christmas, and that’s close to New Years, which runs just behind Valentines day. With so many occasions and never enough dresses, better whip out the Amex.

Kim Kardashian’s Miss Ferriday Lace Celestial Mini Dress is reason enough to celebrate. With romantic sleeves softly draped over a sophisicated black and nude combo, the newest little black dress to beckon is a little bit racey and a lot a bit lacey, and renders a long needed return to that old Hollywood glamour that’s of a rare vintage, but will have made a full recovery by yesterday.

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