Nail it Down @Singer22

10:10 AM

I love the studded look, the added flair always brings the outfit together. Weather it be just a small glitz and glam or an entire piece covered in studs, its hot and its back in has an amazing selection of studded items.


I love Lauren Conrad's Rebecca Minkoff Devote Studded Tote. She matched this with her all black attire and it adds a little flair and grabs attention. The gold studs give the purse a very stylish sexy look that you can match with any outfit. This tote isn't too big and isn't too small, its just the right size for any occasion.


Studded belts will match up with just about anything.  I love the Linea Pelle Dome Studded Hip Belt.  They come in 4 colors and can be wore individually or you can wear more than one at a time like Victoria Beckham did in a photo shoot for a magazine. She wears these cute belts with a very elegant and sexy white dress.  The belts add a little grunge look to her style.


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