Natalie Portman – Stunning in her Pregnancy Style!

3:51 PM

Has anyone noticed a baby boom in Hollywood lately because I sure have! Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Alicia Silverstone, Selma Blair AND our feature, Natalie Portman are ALL expecting! Besides having a bun in the oven, all these fabulous ladies are known for their own unique sense of style, and one of my favorites is definitely sweet Natalie Portman.

I wanted to focus on Natalie Portman's style because this girl is everywhere right now, and it's no wonder with her recent portrayal of a ravishing but disturbed ballerina in amazing movie, Black Swan. And being the busy bee that she is, she's jumped right back onto the red carpet making appearances for her role in new movie, No Strings Attached.

Baby or no baby, Natalie is adorable and knows a thing or two about how to put her best foot forward when making her rounds at all her movie premiers. Sexy and chic but still classy and demure – Singer's got you covered if you've got a fiesta of your own to attend and don't have a clue how to best sport your baby bump!

Natalie looked fresh, young and bold with her choice of a royal bright blue silk mini dress and you can easily emulate this look with Singer's similar 'Madison' blue mini dress from Boulee. Natalie also turned heads with a classic black dress which is a go-to for anyone eating for two! Halston Heritage is my top choice for gorgeous dresses that will easily transition with your body, so you'll be able to wear these frocks before, during and after baby! Singer's loaded with an amazing selection of Halston that will alleviate any pregnancy style woes! Congrats Natalie on becoming one of our most stylish mama-to-be icons!

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  3. Vanessa Grannis says:

    Thank you very much. I appreciate the compliment.

  4. Vanessa Grannis says:


  5. Red Movie DVD says:

    Greetings 🙂

    What is your favorite Natalie Portman movie??
    mine is Garden State and as well , Anywhere but here

  6. Vanessa Grannis says:

    V is for Vendetta but now Black Swan perhaps! =)