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RACHEL ZOE - SPRING 2014 - Ballin' Braids

RACHEL ZOE – SPRING 2014 – Ballin’ Braids

When the temperature and humidity increase so do many of our hair woes. Uncontrollable frizzies in the front and matted nests in the back both contribute to a generally unkempt or deflated look that us girls try desperately to avoid. It’s safe to say that most of you know how to weave a standard braid but why not mix it up and add another facet to your look with new versions of this classic ‘do which will also tame your excitable hair? Draw some inspiration from the models’ style below and weave in a few colorful ribbons or pieces of yarn into your hair for an unexpected pop of color – plus it’ll add volume to your braid!

Fishtail Side Braids On The CALLA Spring 2014 Runway - Weave in a colorful ribbon or two into your hair for an unexpected pop of color - plus it'll add volume to your braid!

Streaked Fishtail Side Braids On The CALLA Spring 2014 Runway

The modern plait comes in a variety of patterns and is often unusually placed to engage our style senses in a new way. As of late the center braid seems to be having a moment and is commanding our attention with its many iterations and cool athletic quality. This all-the-way-down style works well with pin straight and slightly wavy hair textures.

It's a super sized CORN ROW! This all-the-way-down style work well with pin straight and slightly wavy hair textures.

It’s a super sized CORNROW!

Naya Rivera’s version below works for all kinds of hair and requires far less work but still looks great! Take a 1.5″ – 2″ section of hair at the center and french braid it until you get to the crown, then fasten it with an inconspicuous elastic.

Naya Rivera Puts Her Best Braid Forward.

Naya Rivera Puts Her Best Braid Forward.

Braids are also popping up in places that we don’t expect them to be like Jaime King’s coif which at first glance appears to be a plainly parted up-do, but then she turns and you get a peek at the elegant patterned bottom half of her hair. If you’re feeling brave give this style a go by making two small french braids below your temples and pinning the ends down by the nape of your neck. Twist and pin the rest of your hair away from your face and above the plaited section, leaving little wispy bits for an ethereal effect.

Jaime King's Bottom Braided Up-Do

Jaime King’s Bottom Braided Up-Do

What about those tight side plaits that give the illusion of an undercut? Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne are repeat wearers of this awesome style which adds a rocker-chick dimension to your look without taking the Demi Lovato plunge and actually shaving your hair off. Neatly part and section off hair at the side of your head which will be where the braid or braids will be. Begin the french braid close to your hairline and follow the natural curve of your head then either fasten the woven part just after you pass your ear or continue braiding down until you get to the end resulting in a sort of cornrow. Let the rest of you hair flow freely for a gorgeously bohemian aesthetic.

 Kristen Stewart & Cara Delevingne = Alternative & Braided

Kristen Stewart & Cara Delevingne = Alternative & Braided

Another classic style that you can fuse with the braid is the ponytail. Take a gander at these great plaits which are actually easier to execute than you think. The model at the left has a low slicked back ponytail which was woven into a neat fishtail. Cara Delevingne’s style in the middle is just three french braids; two smaller ones at the sides and a larger middle one, braided again at the nape of the neck creating a feast of textures fit for a day at the beach or a warm night out. Cheryl Cole’s elegant version on the right Is a very loosely woven french braid punctuated by thin black ribbons you can buy at any craft store.



Don’t be scared to try your hand at these apparently complex styles and don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Even if you end up with pared down versions of these looks you can always add a pretty flower crown or fantastic hat to your braided ‘do.

For detailed instructions on how to achieve the center plait featured at the beginning of this post, click CENTER BRAID!

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