Pleasure Doing Business @Singer22

2:56 PM has new Pleasure Doing Business skirts for Pre-Order!   They have them in black and white stripes, 5 band and 7 band in multiple colors.  I Love the 5 band Pleasure Doing Business skirt In pink that Mark-Kate Olsen was spotted wearing.  I love that she matched it with a sleek black leather jacket and clutch.


Both Ashley Tisdale and Rihanna are fans of the Pleasure Doing Business Skirts.  Ashley Tisdale is wearing the Black and White Small Stripe Skirt.  She matches it with a cute white tee and a Vest over that!  I love how they are high wasted and look amazing.


Rihanna looks amazing in her Pleasure Doing Business  Pinstripe Skirt In Black and White.  I love how she matched a sexy lacey top  with her skirt and a sexy pair of heels.   And as always, she has added some amazing accessories to this look to bring it all together.  Her earrings are amazing for this look.


So if your looking for the hottest from Pleasure Doing Business, shop for a great selection of colors and styles!

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