Q + A with For Love & Lemons Designers Laura & Gillian!

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Friends turned fashion designers, Laura Hall and Gillian Mahin are the lovely creators behind For Love & Lemons. New to Singer22, For Love & Lemons brings fun, innovative fashion to the forefront. Everything from skinny jeans with hip bone cut outs to flowing frocks fill the For Love & Lemons collection. I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura and Gillian about what inspires their designs, advice for young fashionistas and how it feels to be up and coming in the fashion world.

Q: What is the inspiration behind your line?
A: It's more of a kind of “person” or a “feeling” than a “thing” that inspires us. It's about being free-spirited, vulnerable, independent, a lover, a fighter, a girl who stands out and wants to be someone special. It's a girl who likes to feel the wind in her hair on the back of a motorcycle cruising across the desert, A girl that's dancing barefoot under the stars to her favorite band, A girl sitting quietly in a French cafe sipping a cappuccino and reading up on a Parisian romance novel. She's fearless and loves life, and that's what inspires us!

Q: What are your favorite fashion trends for spring/summer?
A: Sheer, Natural Tones, and Draping silhouettes. Baring skin in small amounts.

Q:  How do you react to the success or your line?
A: Are we successful? Amazing!!!!!! But seriously, we are so busy sometimes we need to be told to stop and smell the roses! And when that happens it feels great to know there are people out there that have our back and love what we are doing just as much as us. It is very inspiring when we see people wearing our clothes, styling them to their personal taste and looking fabulous, we are very grateful to be able to experience that!

{Left: Gillian Mahin Right: Laura Hall}
Q: How would each of your describe your own personal style?

A.) We are both walking “For Love & Lemons” lookbooks! Ha, we style the shoots and have all these great accessories and shoes after, so we usually just keep rocking them with our clothes! It can be quite embarrassing sometimes because we will show up to a meeting wearing the same thing! (We may have pulled those stints in high school, but now we like to avoid that!) But if you had to separate our style Laura is a bit more classic and casual (she's always got a nice pair of Italian-made knee high boots on and some silky, drapey top), as I (Gillian) have a little more “rando” taste (Vintage band tees with flared bell bottoms and sky high shoes, or Indian Velvet Burnout shawls).

Q: What has been the biggest obstacle in starting your own line?
A: Working for free! We are currently “starving” artists, that don't look starving :)

Q: What advice would you give to young people wanting to get into the fashion industry?
A: Wear a helmet, strap in, and don't look back! But seriously, stay true to yourself, don't mold into what everyone else is doing, and have FUN because it can get stressful sometimes.

Q: Which designers or fashion icons inspire you the most?

A: We are usually inspired by model street fashion. They are always so decked out and glammed up on the job, it's cool to see them before and after the shows in their element, doing there thing, and mixing all these fabulous pieces they have collected from designers and vintage stores. It's always unique, a bit corky, and quit glamorous! Abbey Lee, and Erin Wasson are perfect examples of this!

Q: What are your favorite foods?
A: Gillian- palek paneer with garlic naan, eggs and toast, and chocolate covered almonds!
Laura- double americanos and sushi!

Q: Besides designing, what are your favorite hobbies?
A: Gillian-random road trips, playing with my puppies, and planning extravagant themed dinner parties with amazing friends(Next up is Moroccan Nights. We are going to build a  tent in our yard that's candle-lit while eating Moraccan delicacies, aka rice and curry).
Laura- Laying out in the sun, riding my beach cruiser, and having wine night at the Vine(our local tapas bar in Ocean Beach) with girlfriends.

Q: Describe For Love & Lemons in 3 words.
A: Refreshing, sexy, classic….. My boyfriend came up with that one :)

Check out all of Singer22's For Love & Lemons pieces here!

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