Sami And The City: Meet Sami Swetra from the Reality Show “The City”

11:20 AM

Exlcusive Interview by Tiffany Lee (SSA NY)

You’ve seen her in “The City” as the girl who worked for Bergdorf Goodman and helped Whitney with her clothing line. Samantha Swetra is truly one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met who has amazing style. Now that “The City” is over, Samantha is enjoying her time off and I got a chance to talk to her over coffee. Get to know Samantha Swetra from “The City” and her fashion tips!

Describe your personal style:

I would describe my personal style as girly but girly with an edge

What is your favorite designer from Singer22?

I love Haute Hippie!

What designers influence your style?

I don’t like wearing one designer head to toe. I love mixing different designers together. My favorite ones are Risto, DVF, Alexander Wang, and Celine.

What are the top 5 things that you think every girl should have in her closet?

Statement shoes, classic blazer, skinny jeans, leather pants, and a chunky sweater

What do you like about singer22?

I love that it is like a “one stop shop” where you can shop for your favorite contemporary clothes and everything is reasonably priced.

How has life been for you after “The City”?

It’s been great. I still live a normal life and I still keep in touch with Whitney & Roxy. I’ve made a lot of friends from being on “The City” and I am still friends with all of them.

What are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?

I am currently not working at Bergdorf Goodman anymore. I’ve been enjoying my time off. For the future, I am looking to do more of styling for movies. Being in front of the camera was not really for me. I liked being behind the scenes. I don’t want to be the next Rachel Zoe. I want to do something similar to Patricia Fields.

What tips do you have for the upcoming holiday season?

I’m obsessed with leopard, so wear something leopard. Camel and fur is also very chic.  I love leather pants so something with leather pants is hot too!

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