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Are they checking out Denimology for the newest of the new jeans, or is Denimology checking out SINGER22 for the newest of the new jeans?!? No matter what the answer, it WORKS! At least, I can say that whenever I want to know which celeb is wearing what jeans, what t-shirt, what anything, instead of going to gossip websites and search and search and search, just one click on SINGER22 gives me instant gratification (i.e., an answer!). Whenever I am curious to see what's the latest denim style that a particular brand comes out with, SINGER22 is guaranteed to have them in stock already.

I am just baffled by how they – founder and CEO Jon Singer, and Alicia, co-founder and Jon's wife – do this! How is it that they are ALWAYS – not just once in a while – but literally ALWAYS ahead of everybody else?!!?

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How did Singer22 happen?
A: Jon: I worked for my family's clothing company. When my parent's decided to retire in 2003 Alicia (my wife) and I were faced with what to do. We had two children, I was 32 and Alicia 30 and we were at a major crossroads in our lives. We decided to open SINGER22 and launch because Alicia loves fashion I always had a strong belief in the internet. We get to do what we both love by merging them both together.

QWhere does the “22” come from?
A: Jon: My lucky number is 22

QGenius idea of showing clothes as worn by celebs on your website – does that really help sales?
A: Alicia: I love the weekly gossip magazines and seeing what certain celebrities are wearing. I thought how great would it be if you could actually find and buy the exact item.

QWhat makes you decide to buy clothes from a certain brand and how do you predict which brand will be a big seller?

A: Alicia: I only buy what I love and what excites me. I feel I know our customer and what she wants.

QHow do you know which new designer will be big and famous and sought after, when investing in a new brand (besides reading about them on Denimology, of course!!!)
A: Jon: One thing our customers love about us is we bring in tons of new lines that no one has heard of and really help bring them to the fashion mainstream quickly. We have brands knocking on our doors daily to carry them but Alicia is very selective with what we bring in and has such an amazing taste level and talent for knowing what the next hot brand will be.

QWe at Denimology are predicting leopard printed and slouchy skinny jeans for this coming season – what is your view on this?
A: Alicia: You are 1000% correct. We love the Current/Elliott Leopard Stiletto, it has been one of the hottest and best selling jeans of the Fall season so far. It has already been spotted on celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Mandy Moore and Danielle Lineker.

QWhat are the essential jeans that every woman should have in her wardrobe?
A: Alicia: Our top season essentials are J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg in Navy Twill – as seen on Kate Middleton, Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jeans in Moon River andCurrent/Elliott The Leopard Stiletto .

QWhat are the first pair of jeans you remember?
A: Alicia: Back in the 80's Guess jeans with the original triangle patch on the back pocket. I loved them.
A: Jon: good ol classic pair of Levi's 501 jeans

QWhat is your favorite pair of jeans that you have ever owned and why?
A: Alicia: Siwy Hannah Skinnies they fit my body perfectly.

QHow many pairs of jeans do you currently own and which ones do you wear the most?
A: Alicia : Too many to count, could be over 100. My uniform is grey or black denim skinnies, I have a lot of those.

QWho is your current favorite denim icon (male & female)? I am thinking the person who has the most denim style?
A: Alicia: Kate Moss
A: Jon: David Beckham

What are your biggest selling denim styles and which styles are going to be big next season?
A: The Fall runway shows were full of color. Colored twill will continue to be a big trend. We love the deeper tones of color, we have great colored skinnies and flares from J Brand and Rag & Bone/Jean.

QIs there anything else you would like to tell out readers – your customers?
A: The SINGER22 brand is the 'go-to' place for a fashion pick-me-up. It's a site to find new up and coming designers. We give our customers something exciting and new every day of the week. Always expect the unexpected from SINGER22. We want to constantly surprise and bring our customers new and exciting things. Keep an eye out for more SINGER22  stores popping up soon.

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