Singer22 Interviews Nicole Richie about House Of Harlow 1960

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House of Harlow 1960, created by Nicole Richie, is an amazing line carried by Singer22 got the chance to get an interview with Nicole Richie about what's next in her collection. featured it on their Style Watch portion of their site! So Exciting!!!!

Nicole Richie on Her Next House of Harlow 1960 Collection: ?It?s Interviews Nicole Richie

Singer 22 talks to Nicole Richie about the inspiration behind her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry collection, what she loves most about launching her line, and gets the scoop on what we can expect next from her new collection coming out in Spring 2010!

Singer 22: Most celebrities start with a clothing line of some sort, but you chose a unique path by opting for your first design collection to be jewelry. What inspired and motivated you to make that decision?

Nicole Richie: Right now I'm actually in the process of expanding my brand. Doing a clothing line is really a full time job. I wanted to do what was closest to my heart and where my head was at was jewelry and accessories. I wear a ton of jewelry and artistically that was where I was feeling like I had a really clear idea of the designs that I wanted to do. That's just where we started. Then I met up with Pascal and he is such a genius! It just felt like the perfect time and the perfect fit.

Singer 22: Do you have a favorite piece from the House of Harlow 1960 collection in particular and if so, why is that your favorite?

Nicole Richie: I really like the head pieces. I think that I've seen very few of them in other lines and I just think that they really separate my line. It stands out and I wear them all the time.

Singer 22: Your line is very distinctive and unique. What was the strongest overriding inspiration when you went into the design process?

Nicole Richie: This particular collection was based off my own personal vintage collection. I did a lot of traveling last year and went to different flea markets and was just really getting jewelry pieces from all over the place. We really based it off of my traveling. We picked two [focuses]; Indian and African inspired jewelry. We did a ton of looks and different research and came up with [the first House of Harlow 1960 collection] line.

Singer 22: What has been your favorite experience so far through out the successful launch of House of Harlow 1960?

Nicole Richie: I really love going to signings, meeting people and personally thanking the people that have been supporting my brand and supporting my dream, and just getting to thank them face to face!

Singer 22: What style approach and inspiration source can we expect in your next endeavor as well as your future collections?

Nicole Richie: I'm in the designing process right now [for her upcoming clothing and shoe collections] so I can't give a clear, straight answer. I've been working really hard on designing and picking the right fabrics for my Spring 2010 line. The second collection of House of Harlow will be out next year as well. I'm in the design process for that also. It's a completely different direction and a completely different inspiration. It is focusing more on old English, equestrian, and more sophisticated looks. It is going to be a totally different line and I'm really excited about it!

So Get Ready everyone, For Nicole Richie's New Lines coming out next year. You'll Be Seeing them at

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