Singer22’s Exclusive Interview with the Girls of Wildfox Couture!

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Singer22's Style Scene Ambassadors had the chance to sit down with the designers of Wildfox Couture, Emily Faulstich and Kimberly Gordon exclusively!  Many topics arose but most importantly about how the Wildfox girls met, their inspiration and their chic new Spring 2011 Collection!

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The awe-inspiring Wildfox studio was chockfull of beautiful designs with pieces of inspiration everywhere.  While interviewing the girls it became extremely fun to hear how creative they are, the ideas that run through their minds and of course what inspires their ever so popular and successful label of awesome vintage-inspired pieces.

Singer22: When did you get into fashion?

EF: Kim did professionally before I did.  She starated with a clothing line downtown called Jonny Was and she got me a job with them as well.  We worked together there for about a year and a half, so we started about five to six years ago.

Singer22: Could you describe the roles that you play in the company?

EF: Creators, Art Directors and Designers

KG: Since we started, we shared many responsibilities.  We do anything that's creative, like the photo shoots.

EF: Everything that has to do with the clothes.

Singer22: Where does most of you inspiration come from?

EF: Everywhere.  Things that make us happy, old movies, or magazines, traveling…

Singer22: Who are the people that inspire you the most?

KG: I think it started with being inspired by vintage t-shirts. There weren't a lot of t-shirt lines that had that look at the time.  So I think at first it started that way and we were like “Oh! Big graphics on shirts, people will like that!” [Inspiration is] everywhere, you always have to be open to that.

EF: I love Chloe Sevigny a lot.  I always like to look at her outfits.  She has really great style.

KG: That's a tough question though, ther are so many!  We love Chanel. So obviously we love whoever they cast, model wise inspires us.

Singer22: Any new models that you like? The new “IT” girls?

EF: Daphne Groeneveld. Valerie Vondergrass, she's the best.

KG: Amanda Norgard.  There are so many models that are making it and doing really well. We're also following Hailey Claussen since she shot with us.

EF: Then there are so many fictional characters like Annie Hall. We [also] do a lot of, like Marie Antoinette, Lauren Hutton, Seventies.

KG: We are not inpired by Twiggy, Jane Birkin and Bridget Bardot especially.

Singer22: Top memorable moments together or turning points in your line Wildfox?

KG: The first memorable moment was the…JTT Bond! We both were obsessed with John Taylor Thomas. You know when you  meet someone and they like someone you do there's that weird competitive feel you get and your like “I love him more.”

EF: (Laughs) We were in musicals together in High School  like the Music Man

KG: Also when coming up with the idea for this company.  It was a really weird feeling.  We just quit our jobs, without anything to lean back on.  Also, I think our first billboard.  We all stood underneath it screaming and drinking champagne on Sunset Blvd. next to Chateau Marmont.

EF: Personally we've had lots and lots of moments, some good, some bad.


Singer22: Don't we all! Best and worst trends at the moment?

KG: I use to say I hated shoulder pads but now I love them.  So you never know.  You can always recreate a bad trend!

EF: Our top 3 good ones?  Monochromatic colors are really beautiful, especially shades of one color and super, super high heels!

Singer22: Who are your favorite fresh designers of the moment?

EF: My friend's brand American Gold is amazing, she does Spanish Moss Vintage, it's really cute!

KG: Also an upcoming line called Minmale Animale, for (retro) bathing suits.

EF: It's like 80's swimwear.

Singer22: Fun question…if you could invite four people to a dinner party who would they be?

EF: LARRY DAVID! An Author? Like…

Singer22: Oscar Wilde?

EF: Yeah!  That's a good one.

KG: Britney Spears, Alexander McQueen, a model too, somebody cool. Kate Moss.

Singer22: We are in love with your Malibu Girl tee!  Where do you guys consider yourselves girls from?

EF: I like to think I'm a girl from whichever city I'm in.  I like to say I'm from LA, but if I go to Paris I'm from Paris!  I'm originally from the UK.

Singer22: Your fall season was Witchcraft-inspired.  What inspired you to do this?

EF: There's always something fun about Witchcraft and Magic.

KG: We love to dress up with our friend and just have fun!

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Singer22: So can you give us the inside scoop on Spring's line?

EF:  Oh yeah! Marie Antoinette!

Singer22: What are your favorite pieces from Wilfox's Fall collection?

EF: I really love the Bat Slasher Tee and the White Magic Tee

KG: The Princess Bride Cardigan, It's Witchcraft Tee and Poncho

Singer22: We're addicted to your blog!  What inspires your art and drawings on there?

KG: Well I've always loved woman and fashion, they are so beautiful.  The more time you spend drawing the better you get. I use to like anime and wedding dress magazines.

Singer22:  You guys are basically celebrities on Singer22!  Your line has taken off and has been really successful.  What do you guys think when celebrities wear your stuff?

EF: It's always fun, especially when it's people you really admire or respect.  Just like Christina Hendricks wearing the Vampire Love Ripped Tee the other day, she's so awesome.  It's very inspriring.

Singer22: What can we expect for the upcomin seasons?

EF: We have a higher end White Label, which will be expanded, and a Little Wildfox line for kids!  It's so tiny!

KG: Also Emily has a blog

EF: Yeah! for lifestyle and other updates on Wildfox.  We love to blog.

Singer22: Describe your personal style?

EF: Oh always changing!  Sometimes I want to dress up as Mrs. Robinson from the Graduate or My So Called Life

KG: It's taking on rolls of people and dressing up!

Singer22: What was the most fun season for you?

EF: I really love the vampire shoot, just because it was so fun.  Also I love the Summer season.

KG: Yeah, I think the Summer season was the best clothing wise, where we loved all the pieces. For 2011!

Singer22: So which pieces do you love each season?

EF:  For all seasons the pieces we love the most are the ones we draw by hand, but we usually pick from about 140 and the one we love the most we choose.



Can't wait to see what else these amazing and inspiring girls have in store for us next!

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