Siwy- Jean-Junkies and Denim-Heads Only

4:54 PM

No two denim lines are created equal, and some “rise” higher in the ranks than others, any jean-junkie can tell you that. If asked which reign supreme-Siwy, is always on the top of every denim-head’s hit list. The fab washes and attention to detail are just part of the equation that has created such a frenzy amongst the style-set. Born in downtown NYC and created in So Cal, Siwy offers the best of both worlds, a hipster edge with laid-back styling. Its no wonder Siwy has set the fashion world on fire, with quilted pockets that lift the bum, and seams that seem to follow every woman’s curves. With no doubt, there is a reason the A-Team of fashion has flocked to this brand.


Moss, Richie, Miller, Bilson, the celeb fan-club goes on and on… Kate has clearly exceeded her allotted “one-time-only-wear,” in fashion-fare, sporting the popular Hannah Crop over again, in both Kiss and Jet Black wash. Such a fan, she does the same with her Camilla Wonder shorts, worn both with and without tights. Sienna, of course, looks effortlessly chic in the Hannah Crop, in Rain Wash with a chubby fur and black booties. Rachel, on the other hand, does both, the Drainpipe and the Rose jean in casual cool. And only Nicole can totally ROCK OUT the Brigitte Mini Romper in a white v-neck and black Balenciaga, for a chance curbside stroll.


Spring ’09 has been a turning point for Siwy, with trend-setting washes. The beloved Hannah has been updated with both a splash of bleach, hence the Wow Wash and an attack of the scissors in Snowstorm. Cutoffs have also been on top of the list, with a twist. The Camilla has bleached, torn, and adorned. However you take your denim, straight up or on the rocks, Siwy has definitely got the jean for you!

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