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10:28 AM

I'd like to officially introduce myself as the new addition to the Singer22 team. My name is Arielle and I am a fashion blogger. I have been given the opportunity to team up with Singer22 to style, blog, and model for the company. I mean, could there be anything better? Being able to play around in a warehouse filled with unbelievable brands and use my creativity and style to full extent is a dream come true, like receiving your first barbie doll as a little girl…best feeling EVER.

They brought me to the racks in the warehouse where it literally felt like a re inactment of Willy Wonka when all the winning contestants first walked into the factory. Denims lined up and neatly folded, shoe boxes stacked to the ceiling, bright colors, flowing dresses, chiffon, lace, fur, leather – it goes on forever. They looked at me and told me to “go ahead.” Music to my ears. I began pulling piece after piece, my imagination going wild, I was styling in my head without looking at the pieces together – they probably thought I was crazy.

Once I pulled enough to dress 8 million people over the course of 8 million years, I headed downstairs where we would begin to shoot. That's when I met Barbara. My new partner in crime. We have spent the last few days together playing dress up, listening to her weird music, and shooting. With this blog, I will be able to post all the looks that Barbara and I put together every day. I will be able to share with everyone different ways to put pieces together, how to dress up certain looks and how to dress down, specific outfits for occassions, holidays, dates, parties, etc. This way when you find an item on the site, you can see ways to put it together with something else. I will choose my favorite picks of the week as well.

The reason for the blog is to be able to share my style and help girls take risks when they are unsure. Here are some looks we've put together in the last week. Keep checking back every day for more looks and little blurbs. Feel free to ask questions!


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