Springtime Fash!on Alert: Blu Moon

12:13 PM

The perfect materials for spring are light, airy, and simply beautiful without too much hassle. Blu Moon has got you covered in all of these areas. No need to wonder what your springtime wardrobe will consist of when you see what Blu Moon has in store for YOU this season!

Sometimes there's a clothing collection that comes out and is everything you could imagine and more. For example, thank you, Blu Moon! Everything you need is available to you, light dresses, airy shirts and blouses galore to start off your warm weather dress code. Don't wait, get your hands on these beauties before your friends do!

1. Cape Cool Top in Red Hippie 2. Cape Cool Top in Pink Tribal 3. Summer Lovin Dress in Bam Bam Silk 4. Mighty Aphrodite Top in Purple/Blue Floral 5. Summer Lovin Dress in Purple Ikat 6. Maxi Summer Lovin Dress in Blue Floral 7. Mighty Aphrodite Top in Pink Rose 8. Under the Sun Top in Pink/Black Floral 9. Free Love Dress in Purple/Blue Floral

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