Stay Hot. Stay Haute Hippie.

10:56 AM


Talk about some of the most a-may-zing new arrivals coming from one of our favorite lines, Haute Hippie. This line embodies the perfect mix of frills, wraps, furs, and ruffles while also keeping your inner hippie in check.

Cardinal fashion sin: Don't let one more weekend or special event go by without putting on your lipstick! Your Haute Hippie Asymmetrical Dress in Lipstick, that is. This dress, made out of 100% rayon flatters your figure while also emphasising your assets. Ahem. The draped, one-shoulder sleeve gives enough accessory to the dress alone, but don't think a fun chunky necklace (as shown on the model) won't give it that extra va-va-voom!

Who said "lace", "silk", and "hippie" can't be said in the same sentence? Be one of the first to pre-order your Haute Hippie Lace Inset Tunic from and show the world your haute-ness! Made out of silk chiffon 100% silk, this tunic is perfect to the touch. Ahh, the feel of fabulous fabric!

Let out your wild (yet comfortable) side with the Haute Hippie Wild Horses Sweatshirt. This simply wonderful, simply chic sweatshirt can be layered over anything, from your favorite tank to even your most lovely dress, like the model so expertly displays! Stay wild. Stay Haute. Get it all at!

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