Style Stalker Obsessed!

2:57 PM

I've definitely written about StyleStalker plenty of times before, but I must say – it truly is my ultimate favorite collection that SINGER22 sells. They are everything I'd ever want a clothing line to be. Different, spontaneous, unpredictable, cool, and chic. They also always keep a feminine touch to their pieces, which I (the girly girl that I am) really appreciate. I styled and purchased two of the StyleStalker dresses last week as how I'd wear them out and about. I have yet to actually wear them, I'm trying to save them for something special – not sure what though. Since these two dresses are so unique in their own way, I liked the idea of just keeping them simple, opposed to showering them with accessories and crazy shoes. Also, this color is definitely my new favorite – I don't know what I'd call it, purpley-pink. It's different and I don't think I've ever owned anything in this shade.

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