Style Stalking

5:59 PM

If I could be a brand, I would be StyleStalker. They're effortlessly chic, eerie, witchy, lady style is everything I could ask for in a collection. They always bring something new to the table, and that new thing they are bringing for me are bell sleeves. I love how in a lot of their pieces they incorporate a bell sleeve. Two of my favorite dresses they are selling, have this sexy bell sleeve – sort of taking the trend of the flared jean, and bringing it up top. I appreciate they're flowy pieces that are fitted in all the right places. I love pairing their things with Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Litas were made for StyleStalker. Everything is super sexy, and also making manlier garments in a feminine twist. AKA the classic white button down with a train in the back. I truly would keep Stylestalker pieces together. I'd pair a StyleStalker top with a Stylestalker skirt, and the dresses need nothing but themselves.

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