Temperatures soar with new Vix Swimwear at Singer22.com!

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heatwave-bSinger22.com has long extended their genius selection of labels to swimwear and Vix remains one of the most celeb coveted swimwear labels on the planet! As if the summer sun wasn't enough, Vix Swimwear starts a heatwave at every beach or pool they touch! Vix Swimwear cuts are totally flattering and as a wise woman once said, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Young Hollywood starlets reach for their Vix Swimwear because they know they'll never be disappointed!

The Vix Sun Tri Ruffle Bikini in Yellow (pictured above, right) is playful and has the perfect amount of fabric to be appropriately covered up while giving minimal tan lines. I speak from experience, this cut is amazing for those of us who could use a little extra something on top!

If you're looking for a classic cut that's still feminine but not overboard, definitely check out the Vix Sunset Tri Bikini in Pink (shown above, left). This one looks great on a tan but I have to say it's a good marble tone for my fair ladies! Kim Kardashian likes her Vix bikini and opts for a pink hue as well, featured on the cover of Star Magazine for her rockin' curves. In the summer heat, it's survival of the fittest! Unleash your wild side and show off your curves in the Vix Laura Long Tri Bikini in Khaki Python (pictured above, center). I love the bright coral accents on this suit and it proves less is definitely more!

Whether you're planning a two week summer vacation, or just planning to clock a few hours in the sun this weekend, Singer22.com's the obvious source for all your swimwear desires! Pick up your own Vix Swimwear (spend $250.00+) now and you'll get a Singer22.com full sized beach towel, free of course! I don't know how I'd go a summer without my Vix Swimwear but I can't banish my other Swimwear favorites; Mara Hoffman, Vitamin A, and Alexis are all worthy contenders. Fill up the kiddie pool this summer girls, slide in to your Vix Swimwear and get ready for soaring temperatures at Singer22.com!

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