The Latest in Jewelry: Chan Luu

1:43 PM

With all the latest rage in beads, stone, and feather fashion, Chan Luu is the epitome of a jewelry designer that puts them all together perfectly. Vanessa Hudgens is already a fan! Luckily for us, SINGER22 has every piece you need for your wardrobe.

Shells and beads and stones, oh my! Whether you're looking for a laid back look or something a little more decadent, Chan Luu's pieces are noteworthy.

Try the Chann Luu Wrap Bracelet in Salmon/Coral Mix or the Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet in Coral Mix for a subtle hint of edge and girliness to your outfit.

If you're looking for a bolder approach, the Chan Luu Leather Charm Necklace with Assorted Pendants in Turquoise (as seen in the top picture with Vanessa Hudgens), the Chan Luu Drop Earrings with  Feathers in Brown Mix, or the Chan Luu Beaded Bracelet in Coral Mix will do the trick!

Side note to our SINGER22 girls- you know those feather earrings you see all the girls wearing around recently? Be the first to go a step ahead with the Chan Luu Feather earring in Black Mix! Not only are they totally versatile with any outfit you choose, they also come with gorgeous chain and silver feather detail!

Oh how we xoxo our Chan Luu.

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